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On top of the public part of this website, available without any restriction, the CLORA provides a restricted area for its members. Access –via a login and password- can be given to any staff or personnel of an organisation part of the CLORA network. An individual online form is available online with an eligibility check performed by the CLORA team.

Here are the services available in the restricted area:

  • Access to notes and reports written down by the CLORA team. An email update is sent automatically when a new document is posted online ;
  • Access to the CLORA calendar in detail (agendas, venue information) ;
  • Access to the CLORA’s info days reports and presentations by key speakers ;
  • Access to the newsletter "La Lettre du CLORA".

NOTA BENE: the restricted area of the CLORA website is only available in FRENCH.

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26 april 2018

Promotion de l’égalité des genres dans la recherche et l’innovation : pourquoi, comment ?
Début mars, à l’occasion de la Journée internationale des femmes 2018, la …
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19 april 2018

Vers une stratégie européenne pour les infrastructures de recherche ?
More information to come.
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27 february 2018

Debate on the Oceans
Oceans conduct the symphony of life on Earth. They cover over 70% of the surface of our planet, …
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