Mission and actions

The Club of associated research organisations (CLORA) was established in 1991 in Brussels by nine French organisations wishing to pool their resources and to strengthen their relations with the European Union in the fields of research, technology, innovation and training. In Brussels, the CLORA gathers the liaison offices of 12 public research centres and universities. CLORA’s full network gathers 28 members.

The CLORA fulfill the following missions:

  • Synergy of skills and resources devoted to the relations of its members with the European Union institutions and relevant stakeholders in research, technology, innovation and training;
  • Strategic monitoring, analysis and dissemination of information on EU policies and programmes related to these areas;
  • Actions of common interest such as events planning, monthly information day, formal meetings with stakeholders of the R&I and European public affairs.
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27 october 2020

Webinaire: Recherche, Innovation, Souveraineté et Valeurs européennes
 Le CLORA organise un Webinaire ayant pour thème: Recherche, Innovation, …
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26 june 2020

Webinar: Planification stratégique: Orientations et impacts- Horizon Europe
Le CLORA et les bureaux des régions françaises à Bruxelles co-organisent le …
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02 june 2020

Webinar: Science de la durabilité
Un nouvel enjeu pour la recherche en temps de crises planétaires ? Mardi 2 Juin 2020 14:00 …
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